Claire's Bedroom 2014

Master Bedroom 2014

Master Bedroom Glimpse

Holiday Home 2013

Holiday Mantel 2013

Thanksgiving Dining Room

Family Room

Play Room


Holiday Home 2012

Claire's Bedroom 2012

Mini House Tour 2012


  1. I have done many of these projects myself with my two boys' rooms. I love all of your color. Here's a look-see of the baby's room...

  2. I love all that you've done with this kiddy room! It's so bright and cheery, just as a kid's room should be. It definately inspires some wonderful, creative play. And being on a budget myself, can completely relate to the restraints in decorating it imposes, but, boy, don't we come up with some awesome ways to resolve this? I have thoughts to share with you while looking at your lovely pictures.

    We applied funny/colorful decals to my daughter's small table and chairs. We went to our local hobby/craft store, she choose ones she liked, I did some editing of choices, then had her apply them. She had a ball doing something she felt was a bit naughty, but with great emphasis this was the only place appropriate for them! As she grew older she continued and added to this collection a hatbox used for crayons and folders for artwork, later school. I save one for each year of school and put all important stuff in there I want to keep. Now they have a history to share with her children.

    Also, perhaps paint the night table a pale pink with contrasting color on top and drawer faces; changing out the drawer pulls for crystal ones. You can find the crystal pulls on I had to apply wood filler to the old pull holes and redrill to fit, but this is pretty simple to do. And the results are so satisfying!

    Well, hope these are things you like? Happy decorating for life!


Thank you for your kind comments! I love your feedback :)

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