Wednesday, April 18

Redecorating my surfaces...

My entry table - I am pretty happy for now with this assembly of items. The pink geranium, which I initially bought for outside, is my favorite part. 

The dining room table is simple and can you tell - hardly ever used? This is a room you can expect to see lots of changes in the near future. We have been in this house for over a year and I still have not unpacked our nice glassware because there is no place to store it. I am hunting for a credenza or corner hutch (the room is small which limits my options).
Can you tell I ventured off of the auto setting of my camera, I think I let a little too much light in - ha. This is my desk, I want to refinish it but can not commit to a color. 
See my happy elephant?
It was threatening to SNOW this weekend so I ran out and clipped all my tulips. It didn't snow, THANK GOODNESS, and I have really been enjoying my fresh flowers. 

Hmmmm.....I think the coffee table arrangement still needs a little love.
I like the way I redecorated the guest bath enough to keep the door open instead of always shut! We painted the oak cabinets gray and the walls an orangy-yellow color. We had total remorse with the color combo. I was trying to be all clever and bold with the color choices. However, after adding the painting and some other touches, it seems to be more compatible then it was. 
The soap container, vases and candle holder were all thrifted, as were the 2 square mirrors. The mirrors I sprayed gray and the soap container I sprayed gold. The soaps I found at TJ Maxx, they are made by Cynthia Rowley and if you come across them I highly recommend them. Not only is the paper pretty but they smell amazing, even all wrapped up like that.

The cheapo frames make a cohesive grouping after spraying them the same navy as the flower pot. 
And these knobs - you can't tell from the picture, but they are one of my favorite details of the room because they really brought things together. Talk about a quick fix! I picked these up at Lowes for $3 each. 
The last picture I am sharing is the mantel - the most challenging surface. We have this massive brick chimmney (which I loath and want to be painted a high gloss gray) to brighten the room from this dark ugle monster that stretches 12" high.....but my husband is not convinced. I did succeed in getting him to paint the mantel (which was oak) - and I struggle to decorate it. This is the best it has looked though. I am sure it will change a million more times. 

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