Tuesday, April 3

Glider Makeover

This glider is super comfortable, but after going through two babies it was stained and just plain ugly. After about $20 in fabric this chair is now one of my favorite things to look at. No longer an eye sore, I am happy to keep it around a little bit longer. This is the AFTER picture.  
And here is the before - the ottoman was so dirty since that was where our shoes landed and the bottles rested before they inevitably tipped over and stained the fabric. I am so embarrassed to even reveal how dirty it was!
But now it is lovely - yay. This was not an easy endeavor, but completely worth the 3 hours it took me. 

 Tutorial below

 First is the easy part - staple the fabric onto the ottoman piece. Yes if I was a professional I would have used a sewing machine and added piping. In an optimistic effort I did purchase the piping. But I quickly remembered that I am a novice and that was a ridiculous hope that I would also use piping. The trick with stapling on the fabric is to keep turning the pillow seat over ans you pull the fabric tight and get ready to put a staple in to make sure the fabric is lining up correctly and evenly stretched. 
 The I trim the excess fabric and reattach to the base. 

 The arm rests were by far the most time consuming part of this. 

 I ironed my new fabric right onto the old fabric. I have no intention on ever seeing the old fabric again so in this case that was fine with me. And I like to take the shortest road, so making any type of slip cover was out. I folded the fabric around the arm rest and ironed it on with hem tape and cut holes around the snaps. It was not easy to iron under the curved part but it was possible. I had to pleat the fabric and iron each pleat to the next and maybe I was a little ghetto and threw in a couple staples for extra strength hold. I'm not telling. 
The next step was to iron on a panel. This part of the seat is not seen, so I was not trying to be perfect. I folded under the sides of the panel fabric and ironed it onto the cushion. 
For the seat and back cushion I ironed on the top fabric and then ironed on a bottom panel - I was starting to lose interest and forgot to take pictures. But you get the idea.

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