Thursday, April 5

House Tour - Claire's Room

My daughter Claire is just over two years old. She is a bright, talkative, charming and also very sassy and stubborn little girl. After we moved her out of her crib into a "big girl bed" her room was a weird mix of baby colors and whatever I had thrown in there for purpose. I decided to give her room a face lift and really graduate her out of baby pastel land.
Everything is a work in progress. The window trip needs to be painted white, the walls need to be painted color....but, it looks much better then it did.
I found the rug first and loved how it has every color so it will last through multiple makeovers. I bought two coordinating fabrics to make pillows for her bed, chair and the ribbons for her curtains. 
And of course those are new sew pillows ;)
The rocker is definitely not fashion forward but the blue goes nicely in the room. And when you are on a budget there is only so much you can do! 
The bedside dresser is just screaming for a makeover no?
Excuse the messy book shelves, the books are only on the floor for a second before they are all over the floor.  
 My daughter loves when we frame her artwork. I tell her she is an impressionist genius. :) The photo above is me as a little girl and a family tree that I printed and framed.

Adding a mirror behind the lamp adds depth and helps brighten the space. 
Phase one complete, Phase two is getting the paint brush out. 

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