Wednesday, November 20

Play Room Reveal

I am excited to share this one-room makeover with you! Below are the scary before pictures. I was hesitant to even post them because admitting that a room ever looked like this is embarrassing! When we first moved into our house this third bedroom became part office, part storage locker, and part shut the door and forget it exists room. We decided to turn it into a playroom and now it is one of the happiest and well-used areas of the house. First my husband had the honors of removing the popcorn ceiling, painting the walls & trim.
And here is what it looks like today! This room has one of our few South facing windows. It is bright, cheerful and colorful. My kiddos actually play in here together for great lengths of time. (when they do anything on their own for more than 20 minutes that isn't completely destructive I am always surprised). They are so lucky to have a room devoted just to them right? My favorite part of having a play room is being able to re-claim the rest of the house to some degree. Now I can corral all the toys and plastic objects into one place instead of every room being a play room :)

Between the framed masterpieces of my kids and the pom poms, all of the artwork in this room is DIY, which lends to a creative and personal space. 

Ta Da!!
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  1. Looks great! What paint brand and color is this? i love it!

    1. Thank you Michelle. I love the dark blue as well. The paint color is Benjamin Moore Marine Blue 2059-10 Paint.

  2. Wow this makeover is amazing! I love the wall color. It's a nice change from white (that's all I seem to see everywhere). I wish our playroom was this beautiful and organized.

    1. thank you so much Danielle! It only looks like this when I clean it if that makes you feel better. I should take a "in real life" photo ;)


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