Tuesday, November 19

A Quick IKEA Makeover

I bought this LATT table & chairs set last year from IKEA and completely intended on painting them and making them adorable. Well I finally got around to it. This set is not super sturdy (link here). But for $19.99 it makes a great little craft table and we use it constantly. I was pretty hurried and lazy with this makeover. It would have been ideal to paint the wood before assembly a year ago but I wasn't going to take it apart to do a "professional" job. I lack that kind of patience.

I spray painted the wood with two coats of paint. It didn't matter that the white parts got paint on them because I cut to size and stuck on adhesive drawer liner that I had laying around. Done and Done. 

And Voila! Good Enough!

Here are a couple other bloggers who had a little more time and patience to inspire you :)

via Paddington Way
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