Wednesday, April 18

Quick DIY Trays

During the weekend I am home with my little ones stealing time where ever I can to accomplish quick updates and makeovers. So anything I can do in 30 minutes and under is a bonus. I picked up a few plastic trays (the kind that go under a plastic flower pot) - these are small so they were about a $1 each. The first step is to spray them gold (obviously). Choose some bright paper and using the bottom of the round tray as a guide, trace the outline onto the paper and cut out the circles. Next lay the paper on some cardboard (print side up) spray with a clear acrylic or lacquer spray which will protect the paper from water. Once that is dry spray the other side with adhesive and attach to the plastic tray. 
I like the way the gold and the mirror tone reflect off each other - and see the pretty moss stuffed around the fern :) 

I followed the same steps with this tray but I decided not to paint the tray (yet) because I like it the way it is. 
One of the best things about this DIY is that you can update it with new paper at any time.

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