Thursday, March 29

Motherhood Musings: Searching for the Balance

Having a full time job is difficult when you have two small children who are changing on a daily basis. When you get home at 5 and they are in bed by 7, and the weekends are spent trying to pull things together, get laundry through, make a grocery list...there is so little time left to just sit and enjoy my kids. Sometimes a week goes by and they crossed a milestone when you weren't paying attention and you're like "what - he is standing now - when did that happen?" It is a constant effort to make the connection and balance life and work. And life is so much more important to me. The hardest times for me are when they are sick and of course all I want to do is stay home with my sick baby, but there is the stress and guilt of missing work. I hate that part. So it is a constant search for the balance, work, children, husband, do we do it?

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