Tuesday, March 27

On my list...

If you read design books they tell you all rooms need some green - fake plants don't count - although a teeny fake plant here and there is acceptable in my book if you kill live plants off on a regular basis - but I am getting off track. I have fallen in love with the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, ficus lirata. I guess they are a little high maintenance, there is pruning involved for the branches and the roots which seems very intense to me: care instructions here. I tend to forget to water my plants until they are drooping and so sad that I have no choice but to pay attention to them. I haven't invested in an indoor tree for my home before and this variety is so lovely. I think it is worth a shot. Aren't they beautiful?
Obviously it would take years and a green thumb to have one this large. Source
This is more the size I will be able to afford :) Everybody has to start somewhere. Source

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