Friday, March 30

I have to laugh at myself..

I tend to skip steps sometimes and when it comes to numbers and calculating and measuring even guesstimating...this is not my strong suit. Recently I ordered a couple things from Joss & Main that turned out to be so different then what I was expecting. Joss and Main never puts any of their items in context so you have to actually read the description to see what sizes things are. I made the mistake of just imagining these items to be the size that I would like them to be. Enter cute fish vase (it was actually called Mini Gluggle Jug and that should have been a red flag). I was imagining a nice arrangement of flowers in my new blue vase...when I started unwrapping this in the box it ended up being so small and I was getting confused. And then it appeared, a teeny tiny, itsy bitsy cute but not at all what I expected fish vase that was the size of my thumb and could maybe hold a flower bud. No wonder it was so cheap!
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Then the opposite thing happened: 
This Pillow I thought would make a very cute accent for a chair or a bed....umm this pillow is a monster. It is so over sized, I may be able to throw it on my king size bed, but that is about the only place this pillow will look normal. So I will try to pay better attention to the dimensions next time, but since like I said I am not very good at guesstimating there is no guarantee this will not happen again. :) 

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