Wednesday, December 4

Glass Coffee Table DIY

When I found this table I was so excited. I loved the size, the brass, the details....and the glass top. Of course the kiddos quickly showed me that this was not a safe option. Between the banging on the surface and crawling on the top, my husband banished the glass top to the garage. What I love about this DIY is that it is incredibly simple and not permanent. If down the road I do want to swap the glass back in I can.
I started with the frame and measured a 1/2'' thick square of plywood to replace the glass top

After a few quick easy steps this is our new "safe and sturdy" coffee table:

Click through for the complete tutorial of this DIY:


 Once I had the wood cut I added another 1/2" layer of foam padding:
 Then a layer of batting and stapled it to keep it from sliding:

 I chose a neutral fabric that had a slight shine (hard to see in the photo):
 The corners can be tricky. I tried to take a couple photos illustrating how to fold and create clean corners:
The covered top rests on the table and can easily be removed but offers a safer solution while the kids are toddlers:

What do you think?! 

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