Friday, July 19

The Style Cure via Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is providing their Style Cure for August. You can sign up now and they will email you daily to give you little assignments to help you update a room and stay on task. This is a great process if you are like me and get overwhelmed by the magnitude of a project. Some rooms need so much help that you want to change everything and that can be daunting (and unrealistic). Follow along with me next month as I give my master bedroom a fresh new look (I hope). If you sign up for the Style Cure please send me your before & after pictures!!

My bedroom suffers from the "matchy matchy bedroom set plague". WHY DID I EVER THINK THAT WAS COOL PEOPLE?!?! Ugh. And now I feel stuck because we spent quite a bit of coin on it all so I cant justify to my husband that I have simply come to my senses. Boo. Here is what I am hoping for - an eclectic, calming space that isn't too feminine (but still has some pink). I am thinking dark moody walls and a white cozy bed and a new blogging nook. Stay tuned! Here are some photos I selected for inspiration:
Living Room

+ styling +

+ bedside +    comfortable. door details. 

love this bed!

The Decorista-Domestic Bliss: office space of the day...Everygirl loves Paris. White Parsons Desk, West Elm, Desk Vignette, Office Vignette, Gray walls, gray paint on walls    wild life working space. cute.

morris lantern in common space

traditional bedside chest
All photos via my pinterest. 

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