Friday, February 1

Overlay Obsession

Being from New England I have a slight obsession with crown molding, bead board, fretwork, built-in shelving, and overall craftsmanship which is really lacking in the Denver area (in my humble opinion). A DIY I have been swooning over lately is using wood overlay panels to sass up a window, dresser, bookshelf....the possibilities are endless! They totally add that "craftsmanship" vibe and take things up a level. You can purchase them from O'verlays - they make all different designs and some are specifically created for IKEA furniture and come in kits :)

These first two photographs are of the real deal actual fretwork, meaning super expensive and detailed woodwork - beautiful and I totally wish this was my house :) 

These photos are of DIYs using the overlays. Although they don't really hold a candle to the real thing - they do elevate the overall look.  
kates overlay pedestal table cg

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