Thursday, January 31

Vintage Printable: Free Art!

I just discovered Vintage Printable, a website that provides free, public domain/out of copyright images that you can download and print yourself or bring to Costco or another cost effective printer - there is no doubt that framing art can be the expensive part, but if the print is free that can really help! If you are looking for maps, botanical or animal prints, this is a great find. Some of the images are a little crooked, but this can be easily fixed in photo editing software before you print. You can search by color as well, so if you are looking for a print to complement a specific spot, that is nice. Here is a sampling of the types of prints you may find.


cool right? here's some inspiration for you:

Cottage Country Living Room with Brown Leather Sofas | The Painted Hive

real specimens Botanic & Animals Prints

botanic 2 Botanic & Animals Prints

crabs Botanic & Animals Prints


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