Tuesday, April 17

Currently Loving: TOPSHOP

Denver is slowly attracting cool stores that major metro areas typically offer: we just opened an H&M and an IKEA....and Trader Joe's will be opening soon in Boulder. However we do not have a Zara, which is probably a good thing for my wallet's sake, and TOPSHOP is another store I would love to visit. I get nervous buying from stores with European sizing....it is a trial and error adventure for sure. Here are the items I would put in my shopping bag - If I ever figure out a way for a 30 year old mom to pull off a bandeaux in a classy way, that is the one I would pick:

1. biker jacket 2. mint & silver flats 3. faux snakeskin wallet 4. tribal scarf 5. pink bikini 6. black & white bandeaux 7. sunglasses case 8. polka dot dress 9. blue dress

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