Friday, March 16

Sprucing Up for Spring

Here is the mood board I created for my front "porch". It is actually not deep enough to really be a porch, more like a long cement landing. And the brick of my home is more brown and unfortunate as are the soon. One thing I realized is that all of the beautiful doors I look at for inspiration do not have screen doors. Don't most people have screen doors? How do you achieve the pretty look of the nice wreath and hardware when there is a screen door in front? Puzzled. I don't think we will dismantle the screen door just for improved curb appeal so I will just have to work around that. I also discovered that even though our Burgundy door is easy to coordinate with Fall and Winter colors, Spring is much more challenging. I came across a pillow made of Braemore Gorgeous Petal fabric, and I am going to use that as my palette for the doormat and coordinating accents. Fabric or rugs can be a great tool in helping you see which colors can look nice together. It is usually very unexpected.
Luckily this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous!

pillow available on Etsy here

wreath available on Etsy here

stone peacock available at Target from Smith & Hawken - $17

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