Thursday, March 20

Kitchen Renovation: Part 1

Its been over a month since I have posted. Happy first day of Spring by the way! So what have I been up to? Ummmmm, well a pipe burst in our attic and we endured some major water damage. Part of my son's room, upstairs bath and our kitchen had to be ripped down to the studs. When that happens it is hard to get inspired to decorate and keep up with projects as it feels more things are falling apart then moving forward. Here is a photo of the kitchen when we moved into our house - I know you are super jealous of the oak, fluorescent lighting and 1980s appliances.
We did paint the cabinets and replace the fluorescent lights with can lighting but still had the yucky back splash and outdated appliances. 

Serve Pro cam in and this is what was left:
And here is what it looks like these days as we wait for our new cabinets to come in. We have our new oven/stove top - we decided to not do the wall oven and separate stove top to gain additional counter space. And I brought some small tables in to create temporary counters. It's one thing to redo your kitchen. It is quite another to have it ripped down and be forced to redo it. It was super stressful trying to make decisions because we didn't have the many weeks and months we may have liked to think things through. But now our cabinets are ordered and I am confident we will be happy with the results. Check back in April for the installation process!
But despite all this wreckage I have been busy. I painted 3 out of 4 walls in my bedroom (then got tired). And I have been trying to keep the rest of our house nice as to not get too overwhelmed by the disorder. (Most of our kitchen contents are scattered around the dining room). So in an effort to keep up with the blog I plan to share a few photos here and there of rooms that are still in tact and will keep you updated on the kitchen! 

Here are a few photos of my bedroom:



Happy Spring! 

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  1. Pretty home!!! One day. One day I will hire you to redecorate in my house. xoxo


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