Wednesday, July 17

The Dreaded Pink & Purple Combo

Considering that I make an effort not to dress my daughter in a lot of pink and purple girly cloths, I was surprised that when she started asserting her favorite things that pink & purple were high on her list. Especially Purple. Claire is only three and a half so when it comes to purple she has limited her requests to flip flops or other clothing accessories. But you know that her room has to be right around the corner. I am positive that I would use some mommy lie like - "Home Depot doesn't have pink or purple paint today sweetie" (just like Starbucks is out of Chocolate Milk on Tuesdays). But after I saw this post it at least opened the door as possible. I really admire blogger Krista Salmon and how she created an elegant & tasteful room for her daughter that met her design aesthetic and also her daughter's love for pink & purple. I found it inspiring to see that it is possible to do this without the room being completely bubblegum and juvenile. To see the entire post and sources visit Krista's blog Kiki's List. This room is certainly not toddler-proof but the color combinations are great.
is it crazy to be jealous of a little girl's room? love the blend of pink and purple

E's room

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Other elegant Pink & Purple designs I could happily live with:
I dont like purple but this is elegant
john robshaw

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