Monday, July 29

Quick Improvement: Entry Table

My "Entry Table" has gone through several transformations. On a good day it can look like this:
Enter Jack when he turned one and started climbing EVERYTHING - including this table. And this would result in the table crashing down on him and breaking/scattering all the nice decorative items on top. (and he would be just fine in case you were worried)
As a result the table has looked like this for quite a while:
And yes Jack has pulled the table and that plant down a couple times this summer. That is why it looks so sad and sorry and the poor thing needs rehab if it will ever bloom again. This weekend as I was cleaning I decided to give the table another try. 
I am not entirely happy with this arrangement, but for a fifteen minute makeover while cleaning, it is a big improvement. :) Of course in reality that candle is a total fire hazard and could never be lit. But isn't that alligator candlestick cool? I was happy to bring him out of hiding. 

 Can you tell I need a photography lesson :) This is the best I could do with a few iPhone snaps. 

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