Wednesday, April 17

Crazy for Lucite

There is something very glam and luxe about Lucite furniture. Lucite furniture started being produced in the 1930s so you can find vintage styles as well as contemporary and modern. I am especially smitten with Lucite and brass combinations. Appropriately nicknamed ghost or phantom furniture - you can see how this clear furniture is an incredible piece for home decor. In fact I have yet to find a photo of a Lucite piece sitting haggard and abused in a shabby room. I am convinced only cool in-the-know people have these pieces :) 
Lucite - A pair of green chairs and a Lucite desk in an office
Unfortunately Lucite does not come cheap! But here are some thrifty look for less accent pieces:
1. Nesting Tables $95 2. Desk Chair $102 3. Pair of Stools $180 4. Accent Table $84 
5. Table Lamp $15 6. Wine Rack $25 7. Accent Chair $94 8. Serving Tray $72


  1. I was thinking about getting a lucite desk chair in a Louis XIV style with arms like one of the ones you posted, figuring it would take up less visual space in my already crammed bedroom. But then I thought about my legs sticking to the lucite and not being able to sit on my foot comfortable and I'm hesitating. Thoughts? -Angela C

    1. I agree that being able to sit on your foot comfortably is very important because that is how I sit as well :) I would advise getting a cushion for your chair so you can have the best of both worlds.


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