Monday, March 25

Spring Florals

I am not going to lie, on Saturday I shed a few crocodile tears when I awoke to yet another freezing, snow-whipping blizzard. It was a very diva woe is me moment. So I proceeded to re-arrange my entire house and redecorate which always makes me feel like I am moving forward. I also brought my floral pillows back into rotation. I have a love hate relationship with floral prints because they can be very "old lady". But they can also be cheerful and light, and after all this snow I was looking for some cheer!  Great ways to keep it contemporary are to use large scale prints, mix with geometric prints or stripes, or keep the pallet simple.


  1. Love that chair! VE

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  4. I love the florals.. I have a purplish / magenta pillow that I was having a love hate relationship with..and every time I took it away something was missing :) Until I brought it it's just love :) xx Sarah


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