Monday, January 7

New Year, New Beginning

I have never been one for New Year's Resolutions - I guess because I try all year round to be better, do better...but this year came around just in time because I have been in quite the rut lately! Being pregnant and having little children the last 3 years really took over my routine (or lack there of). And now that I am in my early thirties, I just can't get away with what I used to because my face, my skin, my attitude - they give me away. This year I am going to prioritize myself, my health and my happiness. I will sleep more, drink less, work out (like for real work out - like own more than one sports bra work out - like know where my sneakers are at all times work out, like actually purchase a membership work out), and be better at time management i.e - find time to cook more meals, find time to be present with my kiddos, make my bed more than once a month, paint, blog, connect with my friends, forgive myself for not being everything all the time but trying my best more of the time. 

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