Tuesday, December 11

Mini Style - Toddler Bedroom Makeover

Does anybody else have a toddler who is obsessed with emptying every bookshelf and drawer until the entire contents of her room are on the floor? Instead of sleeping, resting, peacefully reading stories in her bed, Claire dedicates over an hour a day to layering on clothing, emptying out drawers, clearing off shelves, unplugging and turning off lights and humidifiers, rolling up rugs, and there is no doubt she enjoys this process of "undoing". Claire is an expert at excuses and reasons why taking a nap is no longer on her agenda, but the other day she said that she didn't want to sleep in her room because it wasn't "pretty". While I think her "my room is not pretty" comment was complete BS, I am on a quest to look "up" to the out of reach zones of her room and hope to remedy the situation. 
That was almost a year ago. I looked at Pinterest today for some fun inspirations and I came across what I hope to be quick and pretty DIYs to help spruce up her room. And I have been dying to re-paint that dresser....stay tuned! 
how to make tissue pom flowers
DIY Pom Poms via
Crayon Hearts via
Fabric Garland via
Framed Paper via
Some type of DIY Mobile via

More to come soon! 

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