Monday, September 24

Motherhood Musings

I am usually in awe at how many tumbles, bumps & bruises my kids endure without even flinching. How tough they are for such little beings. My daughter broke her arm - it was our first serious injury and it was heart wrenching. And then after a couple days she was back to running, climbing, jumping & behaving like having one arm in a cast was as easy to ignore as a band aid on her knee. Just as we were starting to forget about the broken arm she got "nurse-maids elbow" on her other arm! Luckily that was an easier fix. However you do start to appreciate how resilient & fragile children are - they are one of worlds wonders :)
just the beard, no baby


great colors…

great fun…
i do myselfysvoice:

| ♕ |  Binoculars - Nordkoster, Sweden  | by © lars w√§stfelt

i still remember these days…

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