Tuesday, July 10

A Year Older

I celebrated my birthday last weekend. I am 31 years old. I think I am aging gracefully so far, I still do not wear make up often and I try to stay healthy but my exercise regiment has become non-existent except for the athleticism of parenting two little ones which rarely involves sneakers. So my resolution is to introduce a more standard type of exercise and maybe some more expensive eye cream. I did get a lovely assortment of gifts for my birthday - all classic accessories. Minus 50 Shades of Grey. I am only half way through this book and I am sorry but the writing is terrible. The subject matter is fascinating and addicting to read, clearly a taboo and risque topic, but man, I wish the writer sounded like she was older than 15. Oh well - not sure yet if I will pick up the sequel. I think you can argue that reading any book is better than watching tv, no matter how bad the writing is right? 

Clockwise: Brown & Navy Sandals, Simple Summer Dress, Bracelet, Sandals, Pearl Stacking Ring, Toms (my 2nd pair because I wear these daily!), Link Necklace, Starfish Charm, Beaded Necklace

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