Monday, March 12

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I have been happily pinning ideas for months now and had yet to actually follow through and DO anything. I am a novice when it comes to spray paint so I decided to start with something fairly easy: the brass lamp. Inspired by a DIY brass lamp redo pin I attempted this simple project and was very pleased with the results. Not only was it easy, it was a quick project, so I was able to enjoy my before/after results in under an hour thanks to the warm sunny weather.

For the step by step tutorial

Step One:
Step Two: 
Step Three:
Step Four = Happy Lamp

Voila!! Are you inspired!?!?!?! I have read how spray paint can be addictive and it is no joke - after I did this lamp I sprayed at least 2 other things that were not significant enough to take pictures of. However, I can tell already that I am going to claiming spray victims on a weekly basis. 

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