Monday, March 19

Entryway Progress Report

The most exciting part of this weekend was my husband falling in love with the blue painted door from On Sutton Place that I had included in my earlier post. Even though we had just painted our door a burgundy color we decided to repaint. The paint color is Sherwin Williams Naval - but we had Home Depot match the color. It turned out amazing and we are so happy we did it again. Now that the door color has changed the rest of the plan has to change a little bit too. I did remove the screens and wash our front facing windows inside and out - one of those jobs that you never do. Once the project is complete I will post pics!

I also discovered that artificial flowers can be pretty expensive if you intend to use a lot of them to make a wreath. I may chicken out and leave it to the experts on Etsy. We'll see. 


  1. Where did you find those planters?

  2. Hi - the planters are from Mayne Inc. The link is below.

  3. Hi, what finish did you use for the paint?


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